BG Universal Synthetic DCT Fluid

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Product Description

PN 319
Modern dual clutch transmissions need lubricants that can withstand friction, heat and constant mechanical shearing. These forces contribute to fluid degradation and loss of performance. Most importantly, depletion of additives and loss of fluid viscosity promote metallic wear and clutch slippage. This renders the fluid incapable of protecting or operating as it should.Over-extended fluid use, especially under severe operation,can quickly damage components and lead to premature
transmission failure.BG Universal Synthetic DCT Fluid is designed for use in wet dual clutch transmissions (DCT) and direct-shift gearboxes(DSG). With its unique additive chemistry, BG Universal Synthetic DCT Fluid maintains essential frictional properties for all synchronizers, bearings and wet clutches and provides exceptional component protection and
enhanced service reliability.


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