BG DFC® with Lubricity


Product Description

PN 227
BG DFC® with Lubricity is a superior multi-functional diesel fuel conditioner.

As diesel technology becomes increasingly efficient, gums and varnishes are more and more likely to form on fuel injectors and nozzles. This leads to excessive smoke, diminished engine performance, and increased fuel consumption.

BG DFC® with Lubricity is a professional-use diesel fuel conditioner that guards fuel system components against corrosion, corrects nozzle buildup, and keeps the fuel system clean. Its lubricity agents prevent the effects of low-sulfur diesel fuel.

Cleans the entire fuel system
Controls deposit formation
Improves combustion and power
Eliminates injector plunger sticking
Eliminates nozzle fouling
Extends injector life
Reduces exhaust smoke
Stabilizes fuel in storage
Prevents corrosion
Prevents scoring or seizing


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