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xpress trans x

BG Xpress™ Transmission Fluid Exchange System


Product Description

PN FES100 New
BG Xpress™ Transmission Fluid Exchange System is a small machine that cleans the transmission using BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions, PN 106, removes old automatic transmission fluid while simultaneously adding new fluid such as BG Universal Synthetic ATF, PN 312, or BG Universal CVT Fluid, PN 318. The simultaneous exchange method permits no intermixing of new and old fluids, meaning the new fluid will last significantly longer.


Once the fluid exchange is complete, additives such as BG ATC Plus Automatic Transmission Conditioner, PN 310, or BG CVT Plus CVT and DCT Fluid Conditioner, PN 303, can be installed through the machine to protect the transmission and ensure long fluid life.


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