BG Universal Frigi-Charge®


Product Description

PN 704
BG Universal Frigi-Charge® extends compressor life and provides overall quieter and cooler running A/C systems.

Without proper refrigerant pressure and lubrication, automobile air conditioning systems can’t function properly. Over time, refrigerant is lost through normal seepage past O-rings and hoses resulting in a loss of total system pressure, and less efficient air conditioner operation. Leaking refrigerant can sometimes carry compressor oil out with it. Left unchecked, this loss of refrigerant and lubricating oil results in total compressor failure, and expensive system repairs.

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BG Universal Frigi-Charge®:

• Improves the efficiency in all R-134a refrigerant air systems
• Reduces friction and operating temperatures
• Provides a quieter, cooler running A/C system


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