Fleets & Heavy Duty


With BG Products we are here to help you maintain your fleet and save on your fuel costs and down time!!

We provide proven products to save fleets as much as 15% on their annual fuel costs.

You'll use less gas if you keep your vehicle tuned and running like it should, and that includes monitoring your tires.

Use the Right Kind of Diesel Fuel in Your Truck!! 

Diesel fuel will always contain a certain level of water content. The objective is to keep this water content within suitable limits, which is well below the saturation point. Since some water is inevitable, one solution is a routine treatment of fuel storage tanks with a biocide treatment program to kill tank bacteria microbes.

The Solution

Our Solution is to Clean out the Storage Tank and then clean the whole injector system with both Diesel Care PN 229 as Demonstrated below and Follow this with Diesel PN 244. We also provide a heavy duty Cleaner to your storage tanks Diesel Fuel Conditioner With Lubricity PN 227. This ensures that all vehicles that have been cleaned remain clean restoring both Power and Fuel Consumption.